Moldovean Vlad

Moldovean Vlad

Photography nerd

I am a photographer based in Brasov Romania I mainly do portrait and cinematic photography but I also experiment with various techniques & technology and the ways they can be used to create.

I’m driven by curiosity and constantly trying new ways to push my craft to the next level. Right now I am experimenting with film emulation all the techniques a photographer adapts from the world of cinema. 


Discussion on Photography: I’m available for insightful conversations on all things photography. From camera gear to composition techniques, let’s dive into the world of capturing moments.

Teaching Opportunities: Passing on the art and science of photography is something I cherish. If you’re interested in workshops, tutorials, or mentorship, feel free to get in touch.

Brand Collaboration: Open to working with brands to review and elevate their photography-related products. Let’s create visually compelling content together.

How to Reach Me:

Feel free to contact me via the form below or any of my social media channels