What makes a photo cinematic?

I’m sure over the last few years all of us photographers have heard the word CINEMATIC so much that in the end, it lost all meaning. Is every photo with crushed backs and a cyan-orange color grade cinematic? I’d say NO! So today I’ll try to explore what are the factors that add up for an image to be cinematic and what can make or break the cinematic vibe of a shot. … Continue reading…What makes a photo cinematic?

Shooting only pinhole for a week

You know the drill. Nothing special here. You take an electric drill, put a hole into a lens cap, tape a piece of metal from a soda can to the lens cap and after you poke a tiny hole into that metal you have yourself a pinhole lens. The smaller the hole the sharper your lens will be but less light will come through. Throw some macro tubes into the mix and you get some different focal lenses as well. … Continue reading…Shooting only pinhole for a week

Getting a 200megapixel panorama out of a drone that I can put in my pocket

In this article, I am planning to discuss the way I use my DJI Mini 2, a cheap drone that many people dismiss as being a toy for beginners in order to get photos and animations that stand out. While spreading my belief that with great knowledge you can overcome the limitations of your gear & budget. … Continue reading…Getting a 200megapixel panorama out of a drone that I can put in my pocket